Trine 3: Update 1.10 mit neuem Level, mehr Checkpoints und Linux-Unterstützung

Entwickler Frozenbyte hat ein neues Update 1.10 für ihr Jump’n‘ Run Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power released.

Das Update (1,6 GB) bietet neben Bugfixes und Verbesserungen auch SteamOS- und Linux-Unterstützung sowie Checkpoints für die „Lost-Pages-Levels“ und einen neuen Level mit dem Titel „Quest for Cake“.

Changelog 1.1 Build 3080


Added a new level „The Quest for Cake“ !
Added similar checkpoint logic to Lost Pages levels than Tutorial levels have, now you can die during the level and continue without restarting the whole level


Amadeus (Wizard) accurate or companion levitation cannot be started while not on ground („the Wizard box exploit“)


Re-builded the game data due to some engine level changes which increases the size of the update.
Fixed crash issues which could occur when changing characters (rapidly)
Fixed rare crash issues with physics objects (when physics contact happened)
Fixed rare crash issue which could occur when levitating objects with Amadeus (Wizard)


Added (minor) optimizations all over the gameplay and engine logic while working on other platforms 🙂


Fixed sway which was randomly disabled sometimes
Fixed overly bright fogs for Linux and OS X


Fixed some rare double input issues with backspace button and input in general


Fixed loading screen glitching when changing save slots or deleting them
Fixed missing character when deleting a save slot


Fixed minor issues with the intro cinematic (polished scene, no more holes in the geometry, no more characters running through the walls etc.)


Fixed issue where Trineangle related achievements were only unlocked on level exit, now they are unlocked when last one is collected in a level

Stereo 3D

Fixed Stereo 3D feature available pop up which was missing
Fixed Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power main menu logo which stuck on screen when Stereo 3D was enabled

Public Editor

Reworked the whole resource processing logic


All v1.10 (Steam and DRM Free) builds are online multiplayer compatible with this build (check the version number from game’s main menu)

OS X Known issue

Mouse needs double click so that one click passes through, this can be fixed by ALT+TAB / CMD+TAB the game and back

Gleichzeitig wurden eine Rabattaktion für die Trine Spiele bei Steam, GOG und Humble Store angeboten.

Links: Steam | GOG | Humble Store

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