Shadow Warrior 2: PC-Version ohne FPS-Lock, DRM und uncut

Die PC-Version von Flying Hog’s Shooter Shadow Warrior 2 wird u.a. keine Framerate-Begrenzung oder DRM beinhalten.


No Denuvo or any form of DRM
Uncapped FPS, Variable refresh rates available
21:9 Ultrawide support
Controller support
Uses DX11
Temporal AA support
SSAA support
Sli support
Customizable crosshair
Resolution scale slider
Full key mapping
FOV slider
Playing at 1080p ( at ultra settings ) FPS rates are = In a 660 – 40 fps / On a 970 – 60 fps
Texture quality = 2 gb – High textures / 4 gb – Ultra textures
You can turn off almost the entire HUD and Ui if you want, eg. Damage numbers and the enemy health bars.
You can disable and edit chromatic aberration / lens dirt / motion blur / DOF / lens flare
Steam Cloud support
Linux and Mac versions are upcoming. No support at launch.
No regional censorship (eg Germany or Australia )
Crossplay with GOG players
Coop is 100% optional and campaing never forces you to buddy up.

Shadow Warrior 2 wird am 13. Oktober 2016 für den PC erscheinen.

Quelle: DSOGaming

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