Killing Floor 2: Neues Update released

Entwickler Tripwire Interactive hat ein erstes größeres Update für ihren Coop-Multiplayershooter Killing Floor 2 released.

Der Patch enthält eine neue Map (Volter Manor). In der modernen Festung erwarten euch viele tödliche Geheimnisse. Ebenfalls gibt es jetzt sammelbare Gegenstände in allen Karten und damit verbundene freischaltbare Erfolge.

Changelog v1008:


New map: Volter Manor
Added collectable items and related achievements to all 4 existing maps
Numerous fixes to cosmetic issues and map exploits in Biotics Lab, Burning Paris and Outpost


Added 2 new characters for owners of the original Killing Floor: Classic Briar and Classic Masterson


Improved XP barks on player HUD
Added „Killed by“ messages on HUD
Voice comms select on close instead of requiring a mouse click


Update bugsplat to give us more information, which may add a delay when submitting.
Added a clientside filter for full servers (in addition to server-side)
Increased the EndOfGameDelay to 15 seconds
Fixed unintended extra applications of Field Medic’s Armament and Vaccination buffs when using Medic Grenades
Slowed down AI movement speed slightly in HOE
Crash fix for servers that have improperly set up server actors
Fixed issues when connecting to passworded servers via command line and Steam invites
Fixed some FX not being affected by night vision goggles when motion blur is enabled


Enabled UE stats for the SDK only
Custom material support

Das Spiel befindet sich im Moment im Steam Early Access und soll voraussichtlich Ende 2015 für den PC (und PS4) erscheinen.

Quelle: Changelog

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