Killing Floor 2: Incinerate ’n Detonate Update released

Für die Early-Access-Version von Killing Floor 2 ist das fast 4 GB großes Incinerate ’n Detonate Update veröffentlicht worden.

Laut Entwickler Tripwire Interactive wird damit der Umfang des bisherigen Spiels um knapp 50 Prozent erweitert. Zwei Maps (Evacuation Point und Catacombs) und zwei neue Perks (Feuerteufel und Zerstörung) kommen hinzu. Neben weiteren Steam-Workshop-Features, dem „After Action Report“ und Verbesserungen am Audiosystem wurde u.a. der Berserker Skilltree komplett überarbeitet.


Adding more than 50% more content to the game, available now players will be able to further explore the horrific world of KILLING FLOOR 2 with brand new content and features including the following:

2 New Perks – Firebug and Demolitions, each with new weapons and grenades
2 New Maps – Evacuation Point and Catacombs
New Weapons – More arsenal to destroy Zeds with such as the Dual 9mm Pistols

Crossover Promotions:

For players who own Chivalry – Playable Knight character with the Zweihänder sword
For players who own Red Orchestra 2 – Anton Strasser playable character

NVIDIA PhysX Flex Technology – Featured for the first time ever in a game (for NVIDIA GeForce 770’s and above cards)

Berserker Skill Tree – Complete overhaul revamps the Berserker skill tree to a whole new level

After Action Report:

-New system adding Team Awards, Personal Stats and Map Voting
-Map Voting allows players to vote on the next map, winning map travels to server after
-Kick Voting allows players to vote kick a player from the map

New Achievements
Zed Hit Zones – Allows Areas on the Zeds to have different hit effects and vulnerabilities based on different zones
New Steam Workshop functionality

General Fixes and Improvements:

Audio Fixes – Huge overhaul to improve audio system
Old map and skill tree refinements such as the Commando skill tree
And Much More!

Quelle: Tripwire Interactive

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