Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Erster PC-Patch released

Das für den PC-Port zuständige Entwicklerstudio Nixxes hat einen ersten Patch (77,9 MB) für die PC-Version von Deus Ex: Mankind Divided released.

Das Update soll Abstürze ausmerzen und die Performance verbessern.

Patchnotes 524.7:

• Fixed crashes caused by third-party programs interfering with the game.
• Fixed crash that occurred after viewing the intro videos.
• Fixed issue that could cause a crash at the end of the Prague intro scene.
• Fixed mouse invert setting not being displayed correctly in the options menu.

Um die Performance zu verbessern, sollte man die folgenden Einstellungen machen:

Turn off MSAA
Turn off Contact Hardening Shadows
Keep Volumetric Lighting to on or off
If you have a 4 GB GPU, use settings up to High
Use 1080p resolution
Enable Exclusive Fullscreen

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