Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Neuer PS4-Patch released

Pünktlich zum PS4-Release des ersten DLC zu Call of Duty: Black Ops III hat Activision auch einen neuen Patch zum Spiel released.

Changelog (Auszug):

Awakening DLC 1 Map Pack Support



Addressed an issue allowing Players to infinitely vote for the previous map.
FreeRun, Nightmares & Dead Ops Arcade 2 are now accessible from the Bonus Menu on the Main Screen.
Balance pass to improve XP earn rate consistency across game modes.
Resolved issue where Specialist’s showcase weapons showed both base attachment models and Player selected attachment models.
Resolved issue where Players were unable to freely scroll through taunts in the Taunts menu if a new taunt was recently acquired.
Added missing rotation prompt icon in Gunsmith “Custom Variant” and Gunsmith “Snapshot.”
Addressed issue where Leaderboards were not properly being reset after a Player used a Prestige Token.
Resolved issue where the Create-a-Class would not update immediately after the purchase of the Extra Slot Pack.
Added additional anti-cheat support.

General Gameplay

Fixed an exploit that allowed Players to move faster by sliding just before landing from a jump.
Fixed an issue where moving while crouching or ADS did not properly reduce your audio footprint.
Addressed issues that affected Cryptokey earn rate consistency across game modes.
In Hardcore, AI-controlled Scorestreaks will no longer count towards the kick limit.
Resolved issue where Specialist weapon progression was not tracking in round-based game modes.
Fixed an exploit where Players were being awarded Cryptokeys when not participating in matches.
Teammates can no longer damage friendly Scorestreaks in Hardcore.
Addressed issue where Players were able to place turrets underwater after using Rejack.
Fixed exploit whereby Players were able to obtain the Hellstorm Scorestreaks repeatedly without earning them.
Addressed bug where Players were able to pick up a turret while controlling the HC-XD.
Fixed an issue in Free-for-All where the Mothership could not be locked onto by Launchers.
Adjusted the spawn logic for Lightning Strike to better match the blast radius.
Adjusted spawn logic in TDM and Kill Confirmed to increase the chance of spawning with your team.

Black Market

Players are now able to equip Taunts, Gestures, and Specialist themes from the Black Market results screen for Specialists that are unlocked.
Updated Black Market purchase animations and FX.
Addressed audio issues with Black Market when accessing it during matchmaking.

Game Modes

Free-for-All: A loss will no longer be recorded when joining a Free-For-All game in progress.
Hardpoint: Addressed issue where Hardpoint boundary wouldn’t appear if a friendly Player controlled the point.
Safeguard: Adjusted win timing in Safeguard.
Search and Destroy: Addressed an issue where inactive Players were not being removed from games in S&D.
Uplink: Updated regulation time limit conditions so that if the score limit is reached in regulation Round 1, it also sets the time for regulation Round 2.
Changed Overtime rules: Game ends if team that set the time to beat in Overtime Round 1 scores any points in Overtime Round 2 before the opposing team.
Players are no longer able to catch the Satellite Drone immediately after a score; the Satellite Drone resets as soon as the score occurs.
Fixed issue where Players were able to simultaneously pick up the Uplink: Satellite Drone and a turret.
Reduced score bonus for kills while carrying Satellite Drone.
Capture The Flag: Reduced score bonus for kills while carrying the flag.

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